Pedestrian Injuries and Texting in California

Pedestrian injuries due to distracted texters are on the rise. Despite tougher laws being considered for drivers who are reckless while driving by texting or talking on their cell phones, pedestrians accidents will continue.  According to the CDC, each day in the United States, approximately 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 injured inContinue reading “Pedestrian Injuries and Texting in California”

California Car Accident Law: Car vs. Pedestrian in a Crosswalk

This article is a continuation of our previous topic regarding common pedestrian injuries. We’ve previously covered the issues of car and pedestrian standard of care, pedestrian injuries at intersections, vehicle speeding, and illegally parked vehicles. This article will be dealing with injuries sustained by a pedestrian while using crosswalks, walking outside a crosswalk, and walkingContinue reading “California Car Accident Law: Car vs. Pedestrian in a Crosswalk”

Motorcycle Rider’s Duty of Care Under California Law

Motorcyclists are not exempt from California negligence law. In California, motorcycle rider’s have the same duty of care as car drivers; namely, to be a reasonably prudent driver in the same or similar circumstances. Accordingly, motorcyclists should refrain from dangerous lane-splitting and other hazardous maneuvers. California Motorcycle Negligence Law California imposes upon passenger-vehicle drivers, motorcyclists,Continue reading “Motorcycle Rider’s Duty of Care Under California Law”

FAQ: Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians At Intersections

One of the most common locations for car accidents involving pedestrians are intersections. Litigation involving pedestrian-intersection accidents often involves questions over crosswalk use, illegal right turns, and vehicle speed. How are the liabilities of a driver and a pedestrian to be considered in a vehicular accident occurring at an intersection? The liabilities in a caseContinue reading “FAQ: Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians At Intersections”

Car Driver & Pedestrian Duty of Care

The basic cause of action in many car accident personal injury cases is negligence. In pedestrian vs. driver car accident cases, the lawsuit usually centers upon the driver’s alleged negligence in operating the motor vehicle. In short, the pedestrian alleges that the driver owed a duty of care to the pedestrian and breached that dutyContinue reading “Car Driver & Pedestrian Duty of Care”