Pedestrian Safety: An Often Overlooked Aspect of Construction Efforts

Originally posted on Injury Stories in California:
Los Angeles is currently experiencing a building boom, thanks primarily to the city’s sudden economic boost. As such, construction efforts are ongoing; a sign of city’s progress. However, these have severely affected pedestrian activity, which is commonplace in one of the widely regarded “walkable” cities in the U.S.…

Texting Truck Drivers Can Be Liable for Serious Accidents and Injuries

Driving and texting is a dangerous decision to make. In the state of California, it is illegal for a truck driver to hold a cellphone or similar device while driving. They may even be fined if they are sitting in their truck waiting for a light while holding their cell phone. The phone must beContinue reading “Texting Truck Drivers Can Be Liable for Serious Accidents and Injuries”